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Tacos Toreros de Cecina, Carne Enchilada y Chorizo El Abuelito

Yields1 Serving

 ½ lb Cecina El Abuelito
 ½ lb Carne Enchilada El Abuelito
 ½ lb Chorizo El Abuelito
For the Salsas
 2 tomatoes
 3 green tomatoes
 2 chile
 1 garlic
 1 onion

Grill the Carne Enchilada and the Cecina El Abuelito. Fry the Chorizo El Abuelito, and mince the chorizo and chop the meats.


Roast the tomatoes, 2 chiles, garlic and half onion. Once ready put in the blender with some salt. In a pan mix this salsa with the meats, and let marinade for a bit.


For the salsa, roast the green tomatoes, chiles, garlic and remaining onion. Everything goes into the blender.


Sierve with tortillas, garnish with cilantro and diced onion. Add some lime drops and salsa.