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Enchiladas Rojas with Queso Fresco El Abuelito

Yields1 Serving

 6 tortillas
 4 chile ancho
 ½ lb Queso fresco El Abuelito
 1 garlic
 ½ avocado
 1 onion
  cup Crema Mexicana El Abuelito
 ¼ tbsp oregano
 ¼ cup lettuce

Take out the seeds from the chiles anchos and put them in a pot with water. Let them simmer until they tender.


Blend the water from the chiles, garlic and oregano. Strain the salsa, and put it back in the fire with a little bit of oil and salt.


Dice the vegetables and crumble the Queso Fresco El Abuelito.


Dip the tortillas in the salsa and sauté them until they turn soft.


Fill the tortillas with Queso Fresco El Abuelito and fold them. Serve them with the vegetables and the Crema Mexicana El Abuelito.
You can add some beans or your favorite vegetables too.