El Abuelito Cheese Inc.

Cheeses & Sour cream


Queso Fresco (Soft Cheese)

El Abuelito Queso Fresco (Soft Cheese) is crafted with the traditional recipe, characterized by its mild, fresh taste that blends perfectly with any dish. Its texture is slightly crumbly, this cheese is made with natural ingredients, containing no preservatives or artificial coloring that could change its flavor and properties.

Available in 12 oz. and 5 lbs.

Quesillo Oaxaca (Mozarella)

This cheese has a slightly salty touch, and its main characteristic is its rolled ball shape that allows you to detach as much as you need in order to shred, decorate or simply enhance the flavor of any dish. It's an excellent option for quesadillas, pizzas, or any Mexican dish.

Available in 14 oz., 5 lbs. and 10 lbs.

Requeson (Ricotta)

El Abuelito Requeson (Ricotta) cheese has smooth creamy texture, white color and a tad salty. It's traditionally used in salads, desserts and in various Mexican dishes.

Available in 14 oz.

Queso Cotija (Mexican-Style Grated Cheese)

Its name comes from a town in Mexico called Cotija, in the state of Michoacan, and can be considered a “Mexican Parmesan” due to its characteristics. It has a strong flavor and aroma, and it is quite salty. It crumbles easily, which makes it perfect to sprinkle over salads, beans, pasta and other dishes.

Available in 12 oz.

Crema Mexicana (Mexican-Style Sour Cream)

El Abuelito Crema Mexicana (Mexican-Style sour cream) is naturally processed, pasteurized, and with no preservatives or stabilizers. It's the result of rigorous standards of quality production. 

Available in 16 oz.